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Bucharest ROM
  The race track is a city track, around the parliamentary palace in the centre of Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The circuit will be driven clock-wise.
Circuit length: 3.115 km
Contact information:
  Bucharest Ring S.R.L Str Vasile Lascar nr 62 Sector 2 Bucharest
Tel: +40 31 405 7539
Fax: +40 21 212 0449449
Email: info@bucharest-ring.com
Website: www.bucharest-ring.com
Press Officer: Albert Panaiot
Tel: +40 721 79 7761
Nearest Airports:
  Baneasa, 10 km. Otopeni, 19 km

Championship Visits

The FIA GT3 European Championship has visited Bucharest once:


GT3 P.1 - Ian Khan
GT3 P.1 - Stephane Daoudi
GT3 P.2 - Thomas Mutsch
GT3 P.3 - Gilles Vannelet
GT3 P.3 - Henri Moser
GT3 P.1 - Romain Bera
GT3 P.1 - Stefan van Campenhoudt
GT3 P.2 - Richard Williams
GT3 P.2 - James Pickford
GT3 P.3 - Tom Ferrier
GT3 P.3 - Phil Quaife

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